Satya Multi Gem Lotus Necklace
Satya Multi Gem Lotus Necklace

Satya Multi Gem Lotus Necklace

Harmonized with your soul's true purpose, you awaken your most vibrant self. Our radiant lotus pendant necklace symbolizes new beginnings and full potential. The 18kt gold-plated lotus is adorned with vibrant healing gemstones, supporting the sacred flow of vital life energies

Throughout the world, the lotus represents new beginnings, rebirth and infinite potential. In nature, the lotus roots itself in mud, arising daily from the murky water to burst into bloom. 

  • Lotus - New beginnings, infinite potential
  • Citrine - Radiance, happiness, awareness
  • Tsavorite - Abundance, healing, spirituality, and Intuition
  • Blue topaz - Communication, wisdom, love
  • Garnet - Love, friendship, guidance
  • Hessonite garnet - Good fortune, passion, creativity
  • White topaz - Individuality, creativity, awareness
  • Iolite - Positivity, comfort, calm
  • Stone sizes- 1.5mm
  • Pendant size - 15mm
  • Necklace length - 18"
  • 18kt gold plate over brass
  • Made in India
  • One year warranty
  • NG0232-L18