Satya Magnetic Energy Chakra Hoop Earring

Satya Magnetic Energy Chakra Hoop Earring

Description & Details


When we stand in our power, we are magnetic. 18kt gold plate criss cross hoop earrings are dotted with seven brilliant stones that correspond to and support the seven chakras, or energy points, that exist within each of us. 

  • Chakra - balance, energy, alignment
  • Garnet- love, friendship, guidance
  • Amethyst - spirituality, peace, prosperity
  • Blue Sapphire - trust, protection, love
  • Swiss Blue Topaz-communication, wisdom, love
  • Green Onyx - grounding, guidance, soothing
  • Citrine - radiance, happiness, awareness
  • Carnelian - protection, stability, vitality
  • Stone size: 3mm
  • 30 x 18mm outer diameter
  • 18KT Gold Plated Brass