SATYA Ignite Inspiration Sun Black Spinel Bracelet

SATYA Ignite Inspiration Sun Black Spinel Bracelet

In the black night, the spark of inspiration ignites, a brilliant point of light in the darkness. Black spinel, stone of empowerment, inspiration, and grounding, creates a healing gemstone stretch bracelet that is accented with a golden sun charm, symbolizing vitality and leadership. Wear this meaningful bracelet on its own, or pair it with additional gemstone bracelets for a personalized bracelet stack.

Whether used to depict the passage of time, to mark life or death, or to symbolize royalty and power, the sun has been a guiding force across cultures for thousands of years. Signifying vitality and leadership, the sun blesses us with illumination and warmth.

  • Sun - vitality, leadership, life
  • Black spinel - energy, strength, guidance
  • Pendant size - 7 x 6mm
  • Stone size - 5mm faceted roundel black spinel
  • Bracelet length - 7"
  • 18kt gold plate over brass