Satya Give Voice Beaded Chakra Bracelet

Satya Give Voice Beaded Chakra Bracelet

Description & Details


Give voice to your inner truth and let it guide your journey. Brilliant gemstones that correspond to and support the seven chakras—or energy points—dance along this 18kt gold plated bracelet. A gleaming charm engraved with the symbol for the throat chakra, which governs expression, dangles from the clasp. 

  • Throat Chakra - Communications, Honesty, Expression
  • Garnet- love, friendship, guidance
  • Amethyst - spirituality, peace, prosperity
  • Iolite - positivity, comfort, calm
  • Aquamarine - tranquility, courage, peace
  • Green Onyx - grounding, guidance, soothing
  • Citrine - radiance, happiness, awareness
  • Carnelian - protection, stability, vitality
  • 7 x 7mm
  • Length: 7-1/4"
  • 18KT Gold Plated Brass