Holly Yashi Capri Skies Drop Earrings

Holly Yashi Capri Skies Drop Earrings

Inspired by the idyllic isles of this world-famous destination, our Capri Skies Drop Earrings feature an elegant canvas of hand-colored precious metal rich with vivid hues of sea and sky. Bohemian glass, dichroic, and Swarovski crystal pearl beads mingle with feather-like hand-hammered accents for a picturesque look that mimics the splendour of the seaside.

• Niobium and silver overlay
• Bohemian and dichroic glass
• Freshwater pearls and Turquoise
• Swarovski crystal
• Sterling silver ear wires
• 3 1/2" l. x 7/8" w.
• *Due to unique pattern application, no two are exactly alike.