Satya Be Balanced Chakra Triple Necklace

Satya Be Balanced Chakra Triple Necklace

Description & Details


Life flows more freely when we are in balance. An 18kt gold plated necklace creates a 3-in-1 look that always looks perfectly layered. Sparkling gemstones that support the seven chakras dance along the middle chain; a gemstone along the top chain and gold lotus pendant on the bottom chain symbolize the throat chakra, the energy point that governs communication, honesty, and expression.  

  • Throat Chakra-Communication, Honesty, Expression
  • Garnet- love, friendship, guidance
  • Amethyst - spirituality, peace, prosperity
  • Iolite - positivity, comfort, calm
  • Aquamarine - tranquility, courage, peace
  • Green Onyx - grounding, guidance, soothing
  • Citrine - radiance, happiness, awareness
  • Carnelian - protection, stability, vitality
  • Stone sizes: 4mm
  • Pendant size 4 x 3mm 
  • 16", 18", 20" + 3" extender chain
  • 18KT Gold Plated Brass